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Sancerre Blanc AOP

The ‘Caillottes’ soil is made of small limestone pebbles mixed with clay and dating from the Kimmeridgian era (Oxfordian Jurassic). The white pebble stones now cover most of the vineyard ground, hastening the grapes maturity through the reflection of the sunlight into the vines . This Terroir is known for its aromatic intensity and airy wines.

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The ‘Caillottes’ soil is made of small limestone pebbles mixed with clay and dating from the Kimmeridgian era (Oxfordian Jurassic)

Terroirs Cuvées

Domaine Fournier Père & Fils pursues its mission of revealing the terroirs of our beautiful land for sommeliers and wine lovers.

Our ‘Terroirs Selection’ range reveals the nuances and the style of 4 Terroirs curated from our finest Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé vineyards. They easily distinguish themselves by their aromatic intensity and their complexity.


This is an ‘early-ripening’ soil thanks to the sunrays reflected from the white pebbles on the ground into the vines. The grapes are delicately pressed in a pneumatic press. Prior to the fermentation, the terroir expression is maximized by an extended contact between the clear juice and the fine lees. A cold temperature fermentation ensures a slow fermentation that reveals the complexity. The aging on fine lees for 8 months refines the style and magnifies the balance.


We recommend this terroir selection with a Niçoise salad, with baked aubergines-tomatoes or with Thai ‘cuisine’.

Tasting note

Aromas & taste

With its pale color and subtle nose, the Caillottes is a delicate wine. A typical expression of the Sancerre Blanc style, this cuvée is refreshing, unctuous and lifted by citrus aromas. The palate lingers on a long mineral and aromatic finish.

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