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Our vineyards

We are blessed with vineyards that are evenly distributed over the three Sancerre terroirs. As our vineyard is composed of a great variety of small plots, it allows us to benefit from a large diversity of soils, slopes and exposures. This diversity generates complex wines year after year.

Nos parcelles emblématiques

The cuvée ‘Clos du Roc’ – grown on siliceous soils


The ‘Clos du Roc’ is a famous Sancerre south facing hill. The soil is a unique mix of black, grey, and pink silex (flint) stones. The Clos du Roc vineyard produces highly sought after wines best described as aromatically intense, tense with a chiseled acidity and a long lasting finish.

The cuvée ‘Bouffants’

Caillottes soil

Located on a geological tuffa spur between the villages of Sancerre and Verdigny, the vineyard rows gently slope down towards the valley on a North South axis. It is a very peaceful, bright and relaxing place… and yet the vineyard was named ‘Bouffants’ by the elders. Bouffants means ‘windy’ in French vernacular. On stormy days, the atmosphere is completely different … as the presence of the old nearby windmill reminds us. Discover the unexpected duality of this wine!

The cuvée ‘Monts Damnés’

Terres Blanches soil

The Monts Damnés is the most iconic ‘grand cru’ of Sancerre, yet its name (the damned mountain) sounds like an evil place to grow vines! Of course, the steep south facing slopes are impressive and it is a challenge to farm them. Fortunately, the breathtaking view on the villages of Chavignol and Sancerre softens the picture and provides unique emotions. Feel these sensations while savoring this world class wine!

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an aromatic grape variety that has found a true home in Sancerre. Its complementarity with the Sancerre soils and climates is a one of a kind combination throughout the world. It is here in Sancerre that this grape variety expresses its full potential through our complex terroirs.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a wonderful red grape variety, mostly associated with Burgundy, where it produces some of the world’s finest wines. Only a couple hundred kilometers west of Burgundy, on the banks of the Loire river, Pinot Noir has become a great match with the Sancerre terroirs where it produces a delicate and well-balanced style of Pinot Noir.

Grape varieties – Our philosophy


Vines are fascinating plants. They allows us to ‘taste’ the subtle variety of the soils in their grapes. At Domaine Fournier Père et Fils, we pay the utmost attention to the vineyard diversity by planting lots with different grafting to optimize the aromatic undertones of each plot.


Climate and environmental challenges

As a cool climate grape growing area, we are the first witnesses of climate change. It is our mission to adapt our farming practices to help our vines best cope with this new environment. We produce our grapes using a set of organic practices (non-certified) which minimize chemical use.

The vineyard team

Our vineyard team consists of 6 skilled tractor drivers and vineyard managers. The team welcomes extra hands in May-June during the intense vegetative growth (binding of shoots, disbudding …). We are lucky to have a seasoned team with more than 180 years of experience altogether to take the utmost care of our vineyards as if it was their own garden.

Jean François

Vineyard manager

‘I am incredibly fortunate to work in a stunning location, with magnificent vineyards all around us. My mission is to fully understand the potential of each plot so that it can produce the healthiest and best-quality grapes every year. At harvest, the winemakers can then release the treasures locked up within the grapes of each of my parcels’

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